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Words from the Superintendent Annual report About NCKUH Organization General Status Pre-registration Smart Hospital News Health education
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Notice for Outpatient Service and Hospitalization
Rights and Responsibilities of Patients
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Rights and Responsibilities of Patients

Rights and Responsibilities of Patients

I. Rights of Patients 

1.   All patients are treated equally in the Hospital regardless of ethnicity, age, etc.  

2.   All medical workers of the Hospital wear a Hospital ID badge or ID card. You may reject the medical services provided by anyone without an ID badge or ID card.  

3.   Upholding the concept of “patients are the subject of medical treatment”, the doctor should explain to you or your accompanying family members your condition, test and examination results, treatment direction and prognosis during your stay in the Hospital.  

4.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding the medical services provided by the medical workers of the Hospital, you are strongly encouraged to consult your attending doctor or other medical workers for further explanation. 

5.   If you are required to receive surgical treatment, you or your spouse or relatives will need to sign an “Informed Consent Form for Surgery/Anesthesia” as specified by the law. The doctor will explain the reasons for surgery, its success rates or possible complications and dangers before you sign, and only with your or your spouse’s or relative’s consent can the surgery and anesthetic be administered. However, in case of emergency, in order to save the life of the patient, an operation may be performed first as specified in the Medical Care Act.  

6.   The Hospital will keep all information confidential regarding your health condition obtained during your treatment at the Hospital. If you are unwilling to disclose your stay at the Hospital to visitors, please inform the Hospital in advance.

7.   Under the request of your accompanying family members and/or relatives, the Hospital may duly explain to them your condition. If you do not want any particular family member/relative to know about your condition, please notify the nursing station or your attending doctor in writing in advance. 

8.   To safeguard your medical autonomy, the Hospital provides “Hospice and Palliative Care Pre-Agreement”, “Do Not Resuscitate Consent”, “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care” and “Withdraw Statement for Hospice and Palliative Care”, so that doctors, to honor the wish of terminal patients, will not administer active treatment or emergency treatment, but only provide palliative and supportive medical care to alleviate or eliminate their pain. 

9.    To turn limited life into unlimited love, the Hospital, in cooperation with the national health policy, provides the “Organ Donation Consent” which acts as the basis for organ donation, while allowing family members to fully understand the intentions of the patient.  

10.  NCKU Hospital is a teaching hospital; in order to improve medical education and cultivate excellent medical personnel, you are kindly asked to cooperate with relevant teaching activities. Nevertheless, you are entitled to refuse any activity, inspection or testing which is irrelevant to your treatment. Your refusal will not influence the service attitude of the medical personnel of the Hospital nor the medical quality they provide. The attending doctor will be accompanied by interns while making the ward rounds, and if you feel inconvenient or uncomfortable about this, please inform our medical personnel.  

11.  You have the right to receive continuous and consistent medical care or tracking until the treatment course is finished, which will not be suspended or terminated without due reason.  

12.  If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Hospital’s in-patient service, call the Hospital (complaint service hotline: 06-2766668 or in-hospital extension 6668. Superintendent’s E-mail:


II. Responsibilities of Patients 

1.   You should take the initiative in sufficiently stating your health condition, medical history, allergic history and other relevant details.

2.   In case of any doubt during treatment, do not hesitate to ask for explanation.  

3.   You should understand the possible risks involved in refusing or receiving a treatment before making a medical decision.   

4.   You should see the doctor at the appointed time and cooperate with the advice of the doctor as well as the treatment plan given under your consent.  

5.   You should respect the doctors’ profession and not ask doctors/medical personnel to provide false information or certifications.  

6.   You should cherish the medical resources and follow the advice of the medical personnel to improve your health.  

7.   You should conform to the relevant provisions of the Hospital and health care.




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