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Words from the Superintendent Annual report About NCKUH Organization General Status Pre-registration Smart Hospital News Health education
* General Status
Medical Education and Training
Biomedical Research
Medical Service
Medical Service Quality
Characteristics of Hospital Management
International Medical Service
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Medical Service
Emergency Services
Emergency ServicesEmergency service sets Medicine, Surgery, Gynecologic, Pediatric, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Dentistry conjoint therapy rooms, in which a group of strong emergency specialized attending doctors are responsible for medical tasks at first line to provide emergency patients a full day 24 hours medical care. In addition, there is ER examination for evaluating the situation of patients by senior nurses and arranging departments and priorities for them. Current average daily ER visits number is around 200 people. There are Emergency Medicine, Emergency Surgery, Disaster Medicine Department and Toxicology Department under Emergency Division that engage in professional emergency therapy and research. It was designated as "National Disaster Assistant Team" and "Hospitals for Toxic Disaster Management" to be a vital of related emergency resources operation in South. We served as a conductor of southern SARS disaster prevention and control and first proposed the operation of fever screening station that "fighting outside the hospital", which was highly valued. Meanwhile, the before arriving hospital training of first-aid people and effects of quality improvement were also remarkable achievements and fully supported by academy.
Out-patient Services
Day clinics: Approximately 60-70 clinics are offered every morning and afternoon, mostly regular clinics in the mornings and special clinics in the afternoons. Evening clinics: Approximately 8-13 clinics are offered each late evening, including internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, E.N.T., family medicine, urology, dermatology, orthopedics, and dentistry.
Efficiency has been enhanced by simplifying visit procedure: patients with advanced appointment can pay after their visits. All clinics are computerized: the doctor prescribes on the computer and the pharmacy fills the prescription through the computer system.
More convenient services are offered: besides through telephone and voice systems, advanced appointments can be made through the Internet and the WAP.
The Clinical Research Committee is established to sponsor research proiects.
Providing various outpatient clinic health education, including nutrition counseling clinic, eugenic and health care counseling and adult health care counseling, etc..
In order to comply with national policy and improve patient service quality, we provide numerous actions like successive prescriptions of chronic diseases, flu vaccine injection for seniors, Health examination for military and releasing prescriptions from mothering classroom to community pharmacies.
Obstetrics/Gynecology Clinic recreation creates superior hospital environment for women and provides comfortable therapy space.
Building nursing room to satisfy the need of women for medical care to proceed breast feeding.
Adding notes of arriving time on appointment sheet to shorten the waiting time of patients.

Out-patient Services

In-patient Services
The regular wards of the Hospital include single-bed, two-bed, three-bed rooms, isolation rooms, and two fancy suites. There are complete sanitary facilities, electrical beds, telephones, bed cabinets, closets, and foldable chairs (used as a sofa or bed for visitors) to offer a convenient and comfortable environment for patients and their family members.
To facilitate doctor-patient communication, Doctor-patient Meeting Rooms are set up on each floor.
The special beds are intensive care units beds (including Medical Intensive Care Unit, Respiratory Intensive Care Unit, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Bum Care Unit - Hemodialysis beds, Nursery Beds, Neonatal Intermediate Care beds, Hospice Care beds, Emergency Room Observation beds, Operating Room Recovery beds, Respiratory Care Center beds. Other special beds are clinical-trial beds, Psychiatric Day Care beds, Psychiatric Protective Restriction beds, and Bone Marrow Transplantation beds.
Set up on each floor beside the elevators are family rest areas with comfortable chairs and TV.
Outside the operating rooms are waiting rooms for patients' family.
Patients' family are informed of the procedure of the operation on the monitors set up in the waiting rooms.
The Hospital has established the first hospice wards of its kind in southern Taiwan to offer cancer patients at the terminal stage comprehensive care.

n-patient Services

The Health Examination Center
The Health Examination Center (HEC) is isolated at the C area on the eleventh floor of the Hospital Building.
HEC, elegantly decorated, cozy, modem and comfortable, is the most luxurious Health examination unit in southern Taiwan.
All examination items are conducted by senior specialists and the results are interpreted in detail by doctors of family medicine.
Introducing one day and night, one day, half day and cardiovascular disease screening four physical checking items and contents for complying with different needs with diversified selections facilitating people for checking.
For further information ,call 886-6-276-6123; for appointments ,call 886-6-2353535, ext.3333 and ext. 5988.

The Physical Examination Center

Social Service
To better serve society, the Department of Social Work and the Charity Fund were set up to provide free clinic services to those in need. Fund-raising campaigns are held to gather resources to help alleviate medical expenses for poor patients.
Social work services include psychological comforting and consultation to both the patient and family members to help relieving emotional and psychological stress.
The Department of Social Work also offer support by helping organizing patients' clubs for specific diseases such as kidney transplantation, open heart surgery, uremia, etc. to facilitate experience sharing between patients.
Volunteers from the Department help at the information desk, in the emergency room and the library. They also visit i patients in the wards to offer help and support.
Convenience facilities
Restaurant and Dietitian
  "Eating is everything", correct and good nutrition is helpful to healthy keeping. Aiming at the need of inpatients, professional nutritionists elaborate on variety diet design, including general diet, special diet, nasal gastrula feeding, slop food such hundreds of foods necessary for sick. General food accompanied with individual need categorizing first class diet, children diet, pregnant and after laboring diet and vegetarian diet and so on. Furthermore, for providing better services, there are menus of
children, pregnant and after laboring diet for selections and also service of providing order counseling.
The laundry and the hair dresser's are both located on B1.
The parking lots
  ‧The Emergency Parking Lot for emergency patients.
‧Dong-Feng Road Parking Lot, especially convenient for disabled patients and patients coming in for rehabilitation.
‧The Grand Parking Lot, located on the comer of Hsiao-Dong Road and Sheng-Li Road, holds 300 spaces.
The convenience store and the snack bar, on the first floor, are open 24 hours to provide daily necessities to patients and their family members.
The medical supplies store, on the second floor, sells all kinds of medical supplies and home-care nursing items at reasonable prices.
The gallery in the main hall offers artists a space for exhibitions, which beatifies the hall and comforts the patients.
Payment can be charged with banking cards.
Opinions from the public are welcome. They are gathered from the mailboxes on each floor and replied regularly for better service.

Convenience facilities

No.138,Sheng Li Road,Tainan, Taiwan 704, R.O.C.   Tel:886-6-2353535
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