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Words from the Superintendent History Annual report Objectives Organization General Status Prospects Pre-registration News Health education
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Words from the Superintendent
Words From The Superintendent

Prof. Lee Jing-Wei

 Acting Superintendent of NCKU Hospital

Help people in need and bring good to the world

National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) turns 35 this year. The hardships in its early days laid a solid foundation for the hospital to excel in its diverse clinical services and academic research, which have in turn become the driving force to push the hospital to greater heights. Thanks to the competent and dedicated civil servants and administrative staff in this hospital, who stay behind the scenes to assist with the smooth operation of the hospital, the medical teams can focus on providing the very best care knowing that they have their backs covered. Such a “vertical operation” model enables the hospital’s composite teams to increase its outreach, to benefit medical institutions of all levels through selfless sharing of experience, and to act as the staunch backing of primary medical services. The seamless healthcare network thus formed has made Tainan one of the safest and most livable cities.

A university is the crown jewel of a community, the hub of cultural and industry–academia interactions, the conscience of a city, and the powerhouse of knowledge economy. Likewise, a national university hospital is the venue where research results are applied in practical contexts to meet people’s needs. In view of the shortage of ward beds caused by the hospital’s limited physical capacity, the NCKUH branched out and established the Douliu Branch, participated in the management of the Tainan Hospital, and provided support to its partners including Tainan Hospital Xinhua Branch, Kuo General Hospital, and Sin-Lau Hospital. This became the early form of NCKUH’s medical network. NCKUH has also commenced works on the establishment of a geriatric hospital and an elderly smart care research and education center as a part of the government’s national development program. Subsequently, NCKUH will look east and establish a service point in the biomedical and digital technology industrial park in Shalun through industry–academia collaboration in line with the government’s “Greater South” technology industry development policy. This initiative will create a stage for young people and boost the development along the Nanguan Line, a route that connects Rende, Guiren, Guanmiao, and Longci Districts in Tainan City.

In the past three years, NCKUH has striven to “win the everlasting trust of the people and realize the greatest happiness of our employees” under the leadership of Superintendent Meng-Ru Shen. Specifically, the hospital engaged in the forming of a medical genetics department, the introduction of automated pathological examination and drug distribution systems , the update of information equipment, the improvement of ward environment, the expansion and optimization of the parking lot, the establishment of a babysitting center, the discount and exemption policy for employee medical expenses, and the expansion of the coverage of the employee medical examination program and the National Travel Card program. In addition, NCKUH has answered the calls for preventive medicine and participated in the development of smart and wall-less health management; invested in cutting-edge technologies to offer minimally invasive surgery, specialty medicine, and precision medicine; and enhanced the hospital’s advantage competitiveness in the competition for cutting-edge medical technology.

COVID-19 has exerted considerable impacts on the economic, political, social, and psychological aspects of everyone’s life. For medical institutions in particular, the challenges it poses are colossal in scale. Fortunately, we have been able to rely on our scientific and evidence-based training to react quickly and exercise our expertise to the full. Under a strong leadership, we have achieved success in improving procedures, upgrading hardware, and mobilizing all available resources to curb the spread of the pandemic. Moreover, the timely and orderly rollout of vaccination programs has effectively safeguarded the populace of Tainan and enabled NCKUH to both switch to telemedicine—delivering medical services through video calls—and shoulder up the responsibilities of being the only hospital in Tainan with dedicated wards for women and children. The struggle against the pandemic has unified every echelon of the hospital and, through selfless cooperation between all departments, placed NCKUH as the flagship that leads the fight against COVID-19 in the greater Tainan area.

As the successor of President Shen, I pledge to take the helm with steady hands and take on the heavy duty of coordinating difficult tasks, maintaining the hospital’s medical capacity, and supporting the operations of the medical system. I hope that we will advance together, live every day to the fullest, do everything to the best of our abilities, and do our part in the society in return of what it has given us. NCKUH is a precious asset of the society that belongs to everyone of us. With one another’s blessings, let us walk hand in hand toward a better future.

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