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Words from the Superintendent Annual report About NCKUH Organization General Status Pre-registration Smart Hospital News Health education
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Words from the Superintendent
Words From The Superintendent

 Superintendent,National Cheng Kung University Hospital
Prof. Lee Jing-Wei

It’s my honor to be nominated by Shan, Yan-Shen, M.D., Ph.D., the dean of College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University and appointed by Shen, Meng-Ru, M.D., Ph.D., the president of National Cheng Kung University as the ninth superintendent of National Cheng Kung University Hospital from day on.

I am very grateful and with great trepidation.

First of all, my appreciation goes to the benefactors in my life. Because of their support, guidance and inspiration, I have the opportunity to be entrusted with such important responsibility.

Equally important are the employees over 5,000 of NCKUH, as well as the over 2.2 million patients who have visited NCKUH since its opening. All of you are the contributors of today’s achievement.

It’s an era of turbulence and opportunity in the past three years.

Threats of war, cataclysmic economy, the impact of the epidemic, aging demographic structure, labor shortage resulted from the low birth rate crisis, and ecology and sustainability are getting more and more difficult on striking the balance due to the climate change. Even medical institutions are not able to stay out of it. Possibilities are limitless with the evolution of science and technology, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the innovation of detection and treatment methods. However, it has also formed a severe competitive situation, and the financial burden increases exponentially by investing these expensive equipment. The National Health Insurance is under the pressure of transition, and hospital operation is also facing challenges!

There’s a saying, “Calamity is man's true touchstone.” The more uncertain the environment is, the more pure and correct values are needed. Keep reason and hold mindfulness, so that we can overcome hurdles and welcome a promising future.

In the past three years, winning the trust of the public and achieving the dream of employees are centerpieces of the leadership of Superintendent Shen, Meng-Ru. We established Department of Medical Genetics, opened Clinical Innovation and Research Center, built automatic systems for pathology and medicine dispensing, upgraded information facilities, improved the ward environment, increased and optimized parking space, set up a childcare center, waived the medical expenses for employees, extended coverage on staff health checks, and popularized Taiwan Traveler Cards, etc. Moreover, we introduced intelligent health management to meet the new demands of preventive medicine and massively invested in the fields of minimally invasive surgery, highlights and precision medicine to enhance our strength for competitiveness.

It has been 35 years since the hospital establishment. Deteriorated facilities, cramped space and dilemma of talents shortage are the challenges that we must carefully respond to. Neither being complacent nor remiss, we learned from experience and lessons, sharpened our abilities, promoted clinical research, strengthened facilities, made collaborations and improved our research methods under the threats of the above-mentioned invisible crisis and SARS-CoV-2, which made us shine in publication and research. Meanwhile, due to the improvement of administrative management, the performance was outstanding. With the stable finance and for the sustainable development, we devote ourselves into the expansion and construction of the Geriatric Hospital and Sha-lun Branch to provide a stage for the young generation.

Many important constructions were successively completed in the past three years, such as ERCP, cardiac catheterization room expansion, multi-place hyperbaric oxygen chamber, minimally invasive surgery room for obstetrics and gynecology, cardiac catheterization room in Dou-liu Branch, Hybrid OR, cyberknife, CT upgrade and MRI. With its first TAF accreditation, Department of Medical Genetics pioneer bio-digital informatics and lays a solid foundation for future precision medicine.

What we need to do next is to keep stepping forward and continuing new constructions.

We will especially emphasize on hospital accreditation, developing highlights, talent cultivation and health promotion for staff and NCKU faculty and students. Externally, we’ll combine the abundant resources of the university and the college of medicine, make innovations based on engineering, information, electrical engineering, medical engineering, law, BMS, and humanities; strengthen international cooperation through strong alumni support.

To welcome Tainan City’s 400th anniversary next year, we’ll cooperate with the authorities on the events and highly focus on the humanistic values.

For a long time being supported by the society, it’s the kindness drives us moving forward. Therefore, we will keep upholding the social responsibilities to carry out the promise “One for all, all for one.”

There are three principles in our work: no chaos with principles, no busyness with plans, and no poverty with budget. My personal philosophy of life is being kind to others and a just cause attracts much support.

The Hospital today is the leading medical center and the national university in south Taiwan, it is charged with the goal of providing support in medical education and research, apart from clinical services, neither for personal merit nor for maximized benefits. As the role of the leader, we would like to prime wild goose queue effect for the purpose of enhancing the healthcare quality in Yin-chia-nan District of Taiwan, to make the people healthy, to have the peers show respect, to let the country be proud of.

I wish you all happiness in the future days. Let’s learn together, work together and enjoy success together.

No.138,Sheng Li Road,Tainan, Taiwan 704, R.O.C.   Tel:886-6-2353535
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