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Words from the Superintendent History Annual report Objectives Organization General Status Prospects Pre-registration News Health education
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Words from the Superintendent
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Words from the Superintendent
Words From The Superintendent

Prof. Shen, Meng-Ru

 Superintendent of NCKU Hospital

It has been over 30 years since National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) was established on June 12th 1988. I feel grateful for NCKUH where I have been nurtured and strengthened. I view myself as the public servant of NCKUH. Our administrative team should be aware of patients' needs, listen to staff's voice, and solve their problems. There are going to be many obstacles as we head to our next milestone. The key is to '' stay down-to-earth, stride ahead steadily.'' NCKUH can't make progress without everyone's time and effort. On the way to the ideal future, NCKUH colleagues need to have a common vision, work hard and have hope for the future. When encountering problems, colleagues are encouraged to face them actively, think positively, and analyze the problem thoroughly and logically as doing research. By discussing in multiple ways and respecting the profession, we will be able to find the right direction and go all out. If we can exert our executive ability, we will make a little progress day by day. NCKUH is going to be totally different from today 10 years later.

Under the leadership of successive superintendents, we have demonstrated the heroic momentum of crossing victory and heading to success like"the Bridge of Hope and Prospect."Being a national university hospital, we are devoted to our mission to protect the health of the people of southern Taiwan, heading to be the international clinical research and medical education main association. At the same time, we integrated Dou-Liou Branch, co-operated with Tainan Hospital, supported Tainan Hospital Xinhua Branch, and has established the prototype of NCKU medical system. In addition to the national funds, it is the selfless dedication of thousands of employees for more than 30 years of golden years that glorifies NCKU Medical Center. These efforts have made NCKUH a well-known hospital brand. We have comprehensive medical teams, complete equipment, high-quality and friendly medical staff with warm hearts. The neighborhood people believe the medical standard of our hospital, letting us to treat and serve them. NCKUH is truly a valuable asset for the whole people and the country. Therefore, we must hold the foundation laid by the relentless predecessors, give full play to our strengths, develop high-quality medical care with distinctive characteristics, and advance our vision to become the top international medical center. Rooted in the existing achievements, we should continue working hard together to win the everlasting trust of the people, create a healthy and friendly working environment, realize the greatest happiness of our employees, and make us full of infinite power, go forward and move upward.

Taiwan has stepped into an aging society. The advancement of science and technology has created a rapid change in medical technology, and the public's expectation for medical care is increasing. The Executive Yuan has approved the construction of the "Old People's Hospital" under the structure of NCKUH and the establishment of the "Elderly Medicine Smart Care Development Education Center." The comprehensive national major plan combining geriatrics medical talent cultivation, medical industry and geriatrics care is scheduled to be launched in 2023. Under the overall structure of universal health insurance, medical 3.0 (IT&ICT) and 4.0 (AI artificial intelligence), medical operations need more delicate and intelligent management. In this era of knowledge and information explosion, we hope to become the leader of correct medical knowledge by using the technology media resources to pass on the correct health knowledge to the people and open up the grassroots social influence. But no matter how the technology develops, how the medical environment changes, it is primary responsibility of medical personnel to listen to and accompany the patients, do the patient's care, not only alleviate their physical illness, but also reassure their hearts and solve patient's doubts. I am convinced that filling in the superb medical quality with warm care will inevitably create a moving service! NCKUH will grow up in the trust of the people. It is our firm commitment and second-to-none social responsibility to provide services that will touch people's hearts.

No.138,Sheng Li Road,Tainan, Taiwan 704, R.O.C.   Tel:886-6-2353535
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